"An incredible experience"

Burrows&Bird's October 2016 Classic Persia trip offers"one of the most memorable travel experiences of my life"

Eight guests flew to Tehran last month to join Burrows&Bird on a journey through the classic heart of Persia. As well as taking in seven Unesco World Heritage Sites, guests got to learn about Iran, both past and present, through interacting with those who know her best: local scientists, architects, artists and grandmother chefs.

"One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Iran was to learn more about the people and culture of this important region in the world, a place I was quite ignorant about," said guest Liza Wöstmann. "Our guide, Amir, was as knowledgeable about ancient as modern Iran and shared facts and his point of view without pushing any agenda. In fact he was an utter delight, as were all the lovely people we met as organised by Burrows&Bird – an architect, astronomer and expat living in Tehran – and I feel honoured to have spent time with them, something I know wouldn’t have been possible with another tour company."


Star-gazing from the roof of a 500-year-old caravanserai in the desert was a highlight for many of the guests. Astronomer Azam offered a closer view of distant stars through her telescope and charted the heavens pointing out the major constellations.

"Star-gazing with an astronomer on the rooftop of a Silk Road caravanserai while snacking on freshly baked Iranian cakes and sipping flower tea is one of the most memorable travel experiences of my life," said Judy Ngao.

In charming Kashan, known for its exquisite perfumes distilled from the Persian rose, guests met another expert: architect Reza, now restoring a privately owned 200-year-old mansion that's not usually open to the public. He gave access to the mansion and led a walking tour that followed in the footsteps of a Kashani merchant of the 19th century.


In the ancient village of Abarkooh, guests enjoyed a traditional lunch in a local home, and enjoyed tea with three generations of the family afterwards. Another highlight of the trip included having dinner with expat Dorota, who is now living and working in Tehran and who answered questions about life in this mysterious country.

Some of the most enjoyed sites visited included the palaces and museums of Tehran, unforgettable Persepolis, the Pink Mosque of Shiraz, the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and the Old City of Yazd, and the exquisite Sheik Lotfollah and Blue Mosques of Esfahan.

Burrows&Bird will be running their next small-group trip to Iran in Autumn 2017.