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I’ve been on four trips with Burrows&Bird and the team has always been incredibly helpful and reliable.
— Liza Wöstmann, travelled with Burrows&Bird to India and Iran


Burrows&Bird's Recommended Reading List


Shah of Shahs, Ryszard Kapuscinski

A great work of literary journalism and a fascinating look at the conditions that sparked the Islamic revolution.

Mirrors of the Unseen, Jason Elliot

A beautifully written travel book, with a particular focus on Persian art and architecture.

Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi

Iranian writer and academic Azar Nafisi charts her experience of living through the Islamic revolution through the lens of classic Western literature.

Conference of the Birds, Farid ud-Din Attar

A new translation of the great Sufi poem by Sholeh Wolpe has recently been published to rave reviews.

Searching for Hassan, Terence Ward

A heart-warming true tale of an American family who search for the man who helped raise them as expat kids growing up in Tehran.

A Beginner's Guide to Acting English, Shappi Khorsandi

Tehrani-born stand-up comedian Khorsandi tells a warm and witty tale of growing up as a stranger in a strange land: England.


Clouds, Chandrahas Choudhury

This highly praised new novel tells two separate tales joined by their shared setting: Bombay. A Parsi psychotherapist tries to find love in his 40s while a family from Odisha tries to find their place in modern India.

A Suitable Boy, Vikram Seth

This 1,000-or-so-page classic is a very enjoyable window into post-Partition Indian life. The long-awaited sequel, A Suitable Girl, is due for publication soon. We can't wait!

A Fine Balance, Rohinton Mistry

Set in 1970s India, this finely wrought and heart-wrenching novel has a cast of characters you'll never forget.

Delhi: Adventures in a Megacity, Sam Miller

Starting from the capital's epicentre, Connaught Place, the inimitable Sam Miller walks India's capital on foot, meeting a motley crew of colourful characters, and discovering sometimes dismal but always entertaining new facets about this gigantic city.

Blue Guide India, Sam Miller

Miller has visited almost every monument of note across India – an enormous feat – and writes about them with authority, humour and finesse. A book to take with you on any visit.